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Facebook Photoshoot Day

Stylist and Makeup Artist

Photo day isn’t just for back-to-schoolers, having a rockin’ Facebook/Linked In/Social Media profile pic is of UTMOST importance these days…so don’t leave it up to a selfie stick, your mom, or your slightly tipsy best friend to be the photographer!  I am joining forces with my friend and wonderfully talented fashion and portrait photographer Frances Marron, of, for a "Facebook Photoshoot" day.  You and I will do a style session "lite" over the phone so I can help you decide what to wear and I'll even provide all sorts of statement-piece jewelry and act as your wardrobe stylist day-of.  Frances is really personable and warm and has a wonderful way of making you feel like she actually IS that best friend taking the photo;)  This is about a $500 value for $200 and you’ll be in-n-out in a little over an hour with hair fluffed, makeup done and photos taken…and on a Friday, no less, so you can go whoop it up or have a hot date before the blush even fades!

FRIDAY, October 9th

at Blondie’s The Beauty Shop
763 S. University Blvd.

In Bonnie Brae near Wash Park and Cherry Creek

Day-of expect to spend an hour in hair/makeup and 30 in your mini photo-shoot.   

You will be given access to about 15 of your best shots to choose from.  Your two faves will be retouched, if necessary, and then you’ll get both black and white and color copy image files to post, tweet, Instagram, pin etc. to your heart’s content!  

Message me or call me ASAP to schedule at (303)570-6480.  We only have room for nine of you lovelies!